Useful Websites

Welcome to our Useful Websites page!!

Useful website links

Here I will be posting useful website links.

  1. Alberta health services: 
  2. Travel website:
  3. Health on the net:
  4. WebMD:
  5. Mayo Clinic:
  6. American Heart Association:
  7. General Health Information:
  8. Great Diabetes site:

Governmental Health Websites

1. Alberta Health Services:

2. Great Health Information:

General Health Information Websites

  1. Health on the Net
  2. WebMD
  3. Medscape Family Medicine
  4. Mayo Clinic
  5. American Academy of Family Physicians

Heart disease websites

  1. Heart and Stroke Foundation:
  2. American Heart Association:
  3. Hypertension:

Diabetes websites

  1. Canadian Diabetes Association:
  2. American Diabetes Association
  3. Joslin Clinic
  4. Obesity Canada

Mental Health Websites

  1. Candian Mental Health Association:
  2. Alzheimer Society of Canada:

Travel websites

  1. CDC Travel Website:


Arthritis Websites

  1. Arthritis Society of Canada:
  2. Canadian Rheumatology Association:
  3. Arthritis Foundation:


Osteoporosis Websites

  1. Osteoporosis Canada:
  2. Dairy Farmers of Canada:
  3. Milk Matters:
  4. Physical Activity Guide:

Kids Health Websites

  1. Canadian Paediatric Society:
  2. Caring for Kids:
  3. About Kids Health:

Cancer Health Websites

1. Canadian Cancer Society: