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I am a family doctor. I did all my training in Edmonton, graduating U of Alberta Medical School class of 1977, and Residency in Family Practice 77-79 and Certificant in Family Practice (CCFP) 1979. I received a Fellowship of Family Medicine in 2004.

I am an avid swimmer and skier. I work out virtually every day and try to keep in good shape. I like to lead by example, by following the advice that I give to my patients.

I truly like being a family doctor, and have no desire at this time to even contemplate retirement. I am happy to look after new patients. They are always welcome. If you know of someone looking for a new doctor, kindly have them phone the office. They will be looked after in a timely manner with care and compassion.

What is Family Medicine?
Family medicine is a specialty of inclusion, versus exclusion. From birth to the golden years, family physicians are trained to help the family and its individual members to remain as healthy as possible and treat those injuries and illnesses that cannot be prevented. When a medical or surgical specialist is needed, I will do my best to make the most appropriate referral to streamline the medical care for the patient’s often complex needs.